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FREE Grohmann Sharpening Clinics

Take your Grohmann knives to a clinic to be sharpened free!

See participating stores below

How it Works: Getting Grohmann Knives sharpened is normally 50% off regular sharpening prices (other brands and scissors are regular price)

But once a year at special clinics as a "thank you" to our customers, we offer Free Grohmann Knife Sharpening on all Grohmann brand knives at participating stores. 

1. Bring your Grohmann Knives to the participating store on the clinic day only. Sharpening is FREE!  Any other work will have a small charge.

2. You will get a claim check so be sure your knives are listed properly.  Knives are sent to the factory for sharpening, then returned back to the store for pickup.

If you miss the free clinic,  you can wait until the next free clinic, or  take/ mail them to the Grohmann factory & have them done professionally for a minimal fee (for a quote, please call or email with what work you wish to have done). 

We also do repairs & engraving services!

For more information, call the participating stores, or call Grohmann direct at 1-888-7-KNIVES or email


2015  Sharpening Clinics

(updated when stores book)















*Beware: if a business is saying they are having a Grohmann clinic, but are charging money for sharpening Grohmann Knives and are not listed on this page.. it is not a Grohmann clinic!   Only Grohmann clinics offer FREE sharpening for all Grohmann knives. 

Want a clinic in your area? Contact your local store that sells Grohmann Knives.






Mike Babinec Sr. ~ will be deeply missed by all


Free sharpening is only during the clinic.

No Mail- Ins, No Early Drop-offs, No Exceptions or regular sharpening charges will apply.


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